David Linn

Pastor Dave is the Superintendent of the Northeastern District of the C&MA.

His most recent pastoral ministry was from 7/09-7/14 at the CMA Church of Morgantown, WV.

He also pastored 18 years at the Savior's Chapel, Rochester NY and 8 years at Neighborhood Alliance Church, Pearl River, NY.

He graduated from Duke University in 1979, with a BA in English Literature and Education. He did his seminary studies at Talbot School of Theology at BIOLA University, where he earned an MDiv degree in 1983.

He has done graduate management studies at Hagan School of Business, Iona College. He has also done professional and theological continuing education at the C. S. Lewis Institute on site at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Sometimes he has hair, sometimes he doesn't...

2008 Winner

The Surprising Key to a Life of Joy and Meaning

Faithfulness Book

Wins 1st Place
2008 Christian Choice Book Awards Devotional Category

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ISBN: 9781602661370
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The Blessing of Assurance, Part 1 Play Online

The Blessing of Assurance, Part 2 Play Online

Defiant Thankfulness View text


Essential Church Series

Part 1: Paring Down Play OnlineView text

You cannot run a marathon while carrying a trash can full of garbage.  Neither can you engage dynamic growth in Christ if you are carrying a load of junk.

Part 2: All About the King Play OnlineView text

This is Jesus' church, and it is all about him.  To the extent that we make it about us we forfeit his power and presence.

Part 3: Spiritual Parenting Play OnlineView text

After all of the programs of the church grow old and inefficient, the work of personal discipling of others will carry the church forward.  Christian families are a key part of this work.

Part 4: Divine Activity Play OnlineView text

Aren't you bored with all the cool things people are doing in the church?  The only thing that matters in the church are the cool things God is doing.

Part 5: Surprised by Worship Play OnlineView text

Why would a transcendent God choose only to bless forms of worship which are familiar to us?  His glory is so great that true worship will always contain an element of surprise.

Part 6: Focus Play OnlineView text

How easy it is for any organization to lose track of why it exists.  Learn how focus can be restored and maintained in the the church.

Part 7: Calm, Assertive Leaders Play OnlineView text

The Lord is our Shepherd, but he uses fallible people to give hands on guidance to his church.  But what kind of leaders does Christ seek?

Part 8: Kingdom Profit Play OnlineView text

What is the role of individual Christians in building Christ's kingdom?  Are we hired hands or contractors on a mission?

Part 9: Traction Play OnlineView text

Success has many definitions.  What are the elements of God's definition of traction in the church?

Part 10: Conversion Play OnlineView text

Conversion is an old term meaning a complete change of direction in our lives.  But which direction?  We get the answer to that question from the Captain of Our Salvation.  Will we follow what he says?

Part 11: Gravitational Fellowship Play OnlineView text

The history of the church is one of either splitting into endless subgroups or crushing people into a false unity by authoritarian measures.  Learn the marvelous way that Christ holds his church together.

Part 12: Revelation Play OnlineView text

God has chosen to reveal himself in the Bible.  Christians have often divided over their understanding of it.  Read how the revelation of God can be an unbelievably powerful force to hold our churches together.

Part 13: Moral Clarity Play OnlineView text

The world is descending into a morass of moral ambiguity, and it is affecting the church as well.  This study of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah shows us ten ways to dispel it.

Part 14: Prayer Ministry Play OnlineView text

Did you ever wonder if prayer really matters?  Lessons from Abraham and Peter teach us that the possibilities are stupendous!

Part 15: Losing God Play OnlineView text

When our view of God is obscured, everything in life loses meaning.  Could this happen even to a believing Christian?